How to add columns in OO5? [Only available in Pro, not Essentials]

in OO4 no problem, but in OO5 similar options in menu and the button in the tool bar do not exists.
Hmmm … Or is it a Pro feature, or does not exist in the trial?

What menu options are you referring to specifically? All the same options for adding rows should be still be there in Essentials and Pro. Such options are under the Organize menu. You will need to re-add any of those toolbar buttons to your toolbar as they were never part of the default set.

I took some pics:

Maybe I am blind and can not see the option “Add columns” …

And here the available buttons for the menu bar:

Ah, sorry. Your thread title only mentions rows. The new Essentials edition does not have the ability to add additional columns.

Oh, what a stupid mistake by me, sorry. I fixed it. Sorry!!!

And thank you for the solution! (y)!

No problem. Glad to help!

Exactly the same question/answer. Perhaps this needs to be made clearer.

Exactly Same Problem.