How to adjust the default duration of a task?


I am trying to change the default duration of the tasks that I create. Tasks currently default to an 8 hour duration. None of my tasks are 8 hours. Is is possible to make a 1 hour default duration, or even 1/4 hour default duration?? That would be wonderful.

-OR- if it would be possible to have a task default at 0h 0m (0 hours and 0 min), then I could apply the time to only the tasks that I need to track as I go along. This would work well too, at the moment.

Thank you,


Hi @Clare12345 - you should be able to set this up by modifying your default new task. To do so, create a task that is 1 hour long, then select Project > Set as Default for New Tasks in the OmniPlan menu bar.

Please let our Support team know if they can answer any further questions about this functionality! They can be reached at or (800) 315-6664.


Hi @ains, this seems to work! Thanks for the tip!