How to Archive or Delete Old Contexts


I use OmniFocus for Mac to run my CPA practice. As such, each year I add contexts 01 2014, 02 2014…12 2014.

With 2015 around the corner, I will add 12 more for each month of 2015, therefore, all of the 2014 contexts will be of no further value.

Can I delete the past years’ context without any consequences?

Thank you,


Any tasks assigned to the old context will move to “No Context”—this includes any completed tasks. (OmniFocus for Mac doesn’t seem to want to let me delete a context with tasks assigned to it, but OmniFocus for iPhone let me do it and that was the result.)

You might instead choose to mark the 2014 contexts as Dropped. That will hide them from most perspectives by default, without losing any metadata.



Thank you very much for your post.

That is exactly what I needed.