How to assign color styles to different resources automatically?

Hello everyone -

I’m using Omniplan 3.9.3 on macOS 10.12.6 to organize a building site and schedule the craftsmen.

So I assigned different resources like - mason, carpenter, plasterer … and so on - to different tasks.

Is there a way - after defining several color-styles for the Gantt bars once - to assign these different color-styles to the different ressources / craftsmen / associated Gantt bars - - > automatically?

Any help is highly appreciated - Thanks in advance and greetings,


@hasnafi You can do this by defining a task bar style for each resource in Resource view. To do so, select the resource in the sidebar, then use the Styles Inspector to customize the resource’s style attributes. Any task assigned to this resource will automatically be styled to match:

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@ains - Hi Ainsley, thanks a lot for you quick, helpful and descriptive answer -
I just tried that and it’s working fine.

I think an important thing when starting with Omniplan is to work through a complete project and afterwards create a template with all the prefered settings for further use.

Thanks again and kind regards,

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