How to avoid splitting tasks across a day border


I have a project plan with a number of tasks that can’t be split. Although OmniPlan is largely respecting this, when told to rebalance it will nonetheless split the task across the border of a day - e.g., putting 2 hours on one day and then 1 hour on the next. I can understand this type of split might be acceptable in some cases but in this case it is not - how can I tell OmniPlan not to do this?


@hyphz It looks like we’ve added you to our open feature request for this functionality already - thanks for emailing our Support team about this!


Hello, I would very much like to test this feature as well. I typically end up with split tasks at the end of the day where it would be silly to start a 6-8 hour project in the last 1hr-30m of a day.


@mikerevelle Thanks for letting us know that this functionality would be useful in your workflow as well! I’ve attached your comments to our feature request.


I would also find this to be very useful. I’m using Omni for scheduling lab processes, some of which cannot physically be split across days.


@ljw I’ve attached your comment to the open feature request - thanks for letting us know how you would use it!