How to buy OF for Watch

I have OF for OS X and on my iPad and iPhone. How do I “complete my bundle” to get it on the watch without having to pay full freight?

You should have it already as part of OmniFocus 2 for iOS or iPhone. Here are instructions on how to pair your iOS device with your watch.

Thanks, but when I go into the Apple Watch app on my iPhone and scroll through all the apps that can be installed on my Watch, OmniFocus isn’t one of them. How can I get it on there?

Wow… dunno what happened here. Perhaps emailing the Omnigroup support directly will yield another answer.

I’m not sure a delete and reinstall of OF2 on your iPhone will work.

But you might have better luck using the iPad version which has become the Universal app to use on both iPad and iPhone.

The Apple Watch app is included as part of our Universal app, OmniFocus 2 for iOS. It sounds like you may have already purchased OmniFocus 2 for iOS (perhaps back when it was called “OmniFocus 2 for iPad”), so in order to access the Apple Watch app you’d want to install OmniFocus 2 for iOS on your iPhone.

OmniFocus 2 for iOS and OmniFocus 2 for iPhone are separate apps, so to install the other Universal version on your iPhone you’d need to download this from the App Store. Go to App Store ▸ Updates ▸ Purchased on your iPhone, then locate OmniFocus in the list. The newer Universal update will have a black icon with the name “OmniFocus 2,” as opposed to the iPhone-only version which will have a white icon and the text “OmniFocus 2 for iPhone.”

Since it’s a separate application, installing OmniFocus 2 for iOS won’t overwrite OmniFocus 2 for iPhone. However, once you’ve launched the Universal app and set it up to sync with your existing data, you can then set up the Apple Watch app and remove OmniFocus 2 for iPhone from your device. It’s safe to leave both installed simultaneously, but it’ll probably be less confusing if you only have the one installed.

Thanks, Aaron, for the very clear instructions. I appreciate it.

I did follow the instructions, but still no Apple Watch in the my watch apps. I installed app in phone and synced but no deal on the watch

Does your OF have a white checkmark or a black one? You need the one with the black checkmark as that’s the universal version.

Also, are you on watchOS 2.1? You’ll need to be on watchOS 2 at least.

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Works now. Problem was my watch iOS–was still on version 1.1. Thanks!

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