How to change Omnigraffle language?

Does anyone know how to change the application language for Omnigraffle to English without having to change the primary language in my mac system preferences? Thanks in advance!

As a hack you can remove the language your Omnigraffle is now translated to from the Application contents. You can doe this by right clicking Omnigraffle in the Applications forlder, select ’ Show Package Contents’ . Navigate to Contents/ Resources and find your language folder (sort on type). Then SHIFT-CMF drag the folder to somewhere else.

As a precaution: backup your Omnigraffle app first, for example by making an archive from it, before you do this. It worked for me with Dutch translation.

I’d be curiouse to know if this is possible in a user friendlier way: Omnifocus 2 seems to support this by calling an omnifocus://config url to set the default UI language independent of system preferences, if this could be done for the other Omni apps as well that would be great. Or maybe it’s already there… @omni?

OmniGraffle’s interface will automatically match the primary language you’ve selected in System Preferences ▸ Language & Region. If you have multiple preferred languages, you can set the order of preference in that section by dragging to rearrange the languages in the order you prefer.

If you’d like to make it so OS X uses German while also running OmniGraffle in English, there are a number of free apps you can download that give you greater control over app languages. Language Switcher and iLocalize are two such examples.

We’d also appreciate if you could get in touch with us if you have any suggestions for improving our German localization!