How to check past defer dates?

Hi there!

I was wondering the following. Sometimes I want to defer things to at a certain date but there’s no due date. What I’ve noticed is that past defer dates don’t always end up in the inbox.

Is there a way to scan for items with past defer dates?

If you have OmniFocus Pro, you could create a deferred perspective. I use one set up so that it gives me a list of things available from the past, available today and available now (no defer date). Here’s how it’s configured:

I wish there was an option to show those past deferred dates in forecast view. Maybe a forecast view checkbox that reads “Show actions with past defer dates in “Past””.


Sorry for digging up the dead 💀

Ah cool, that’s a €40 solution, but a solution nonetheless ;-)

I think I’ve been using defer and due wrong in the past. I didn’t realise that ‘defer’ actually means “make this invisible until said date” instead of “show this to me when I need this”.

Groetjes, Douwe.


Yes I really wish that too! I am using the perspective right now and it feels so unnatural and frustrates me overtime I have to use it!!