How to convert Projects to Actions?

I have a bunch of Projects that have no actions and I want to turn them into actions in another Project.

If I drag & drop them to a new Project they still seem to be identified as Projects, the Info bar still has the option for them to be Parallel or Sequential.

I also have a custom perspective with the option not to show Projects or Groups and so these Actions do not show.

What is the correct way to convert Projects to Actions?

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I think OmniFocus detects that there were sub-tasks inside the former project and it will translate it into an action group inside the project. you can mark it off as complete or add new sub-tasks inside it again.

You are right, it is still identifying completed tasks which is preventing it from turning into an Action.
Maybe it’s not possible to do.

I guess if there are no actions inside the action group and you drag it it appears as an action.

not sure with projects

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