How to create a perspective that allows ordering of items in a single tag?

How can I create a perspective that:

  • Shows a single tag
  • Allows me to re-order the items

In my daily planning session I would like to put individual items into a “today” tag, and then order them in the order that I plan to do them. It’s important to be able to order them as I have this perspective synched to my Apple Watch, and it can only display a single item, and I want it to be the next item I planned to do, always.

This seems like a pretty basic thing, surely it’s possible somehow?

It’s possible to reorder tagged items within a Custom Perspective if you Group actions by: Tag and Sort actions by: Tags Order as shown below.

p.s. I shared this tip on Slack as well.

Yup, this is the setup I have. But the problem is that it doesn’t just show one tag, it shows all the different groupings of tags applied to the items. But that means that whatever sorts to the top ends up on the watch, and besides: it’s just visually confusing. Is there no way to filter this view to just one tag?

I noticed some other threads and people seem to have been asking for “tag view of one tag only as a perspective” for more than four years?(!). I mean, I don’t know the internals of the software but that does not seem like the hardest thing to implement. You have the data there already, all you need is an option to specify a single tag…

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Ok, in case anyone else ends up here: if you just need one perspective, as I outlined above (in my case showing a “today” tag), then there’s a rather unobvious setting inside the built-in Forecast perspective:

So you can abuse that perspective (ok ok, in fairness, it is kind of aimed at this use-case), and you’ll just get that one tag showing. You can then create an additional custom perspective from that one tag for use on the Apple Watch (and also for iOS homecsren widgets). If you move items into a different order in either the Forecast view or that custom tag then the other will reflect the changes, meaning that you can change the order of the items into the order you want to do them in, and as you complete them the next will sequentially come up on your watch.

Hope that helps, um, someone…


There is another option. You can create a perspective like the one shown below:

This perspective will create an ordered list based on defer date/time; so the big “issue” with this is that you would have to designate the defer day/time of each item that has the ‘today’ tag so that they show up in a time-based sequence. That may be a negative for you but it should take about the same amount of time as re-arranging the tasks would take in the scenario you started with.

Yeah, I tried that, but it’s just so ugly and not easy to, say, drag things around in the list, so I didn’t run with it.

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