How to create a perspective to show projects sorted by the due date of the project

Is it possible to create a perspective that only shows projects that are sorted by the due date of the project (as opposed to the due date of the next available action of the project)? This would be useful for me to see a birds eye view of my next month or so.

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Would something like this do the trick?

Tim, while that does show me all my projects, they are sorted by the due date of their earliest action, rather than the due date of the project itself, which seems kind of counter-intuitive to me given that the project hierarchy view is supposed to apply it’s filters to the project rather than the actions. Maybe this is a bug?

Matthew, I see your point. My tests reveal the same. What I proposed would only work if the actions/groups within the project don’t have due dates (i.e. they inherit the project’s due date).

I’m guessing this behaviour is by design rather than a bug. It wouldn’t hurt to contact the Omni Group at if you want to know for sure.

Very much seconding this, I have also emailed Omni about this.