How to create a repeating task which must be done N times

I have some tasks which are to be done N times (for example, 20 times).

There is a similar thread here:

But there people do not need a specific due dates.

In my case, I need a possibility to schedule a task, for instance, for every Friday, and this task must be done 10 times.

May be a possibility to create tasks with number of repetitions and with/without dates should be provided.

I’d love to be corrected on this if wrong, but I don’t think you can currently do what you are requesting, since OF does not allow you to set an end date for repeating tasks (an odd omission).

I do not need to set the “End date”.
I need to set a number of repetitions and frequency.

Right, I understood that. My point is that I think the two features (setting an end date and setting a number of reps) seem like they’d be interrelated (think of the iCal app), so that not doing one implies not being able to do the other.

As a feature request, I’m right there with you.