How to create a "Someday" perspective?

Apparently I am just too stupid. I’d like to create a “Someday” perspective that solely shows any tasks without due dates. Can’t believe that isn’t possible.

Any hints are highly appreciated. Thanks.

The only way to get a list of actions with no due dates that I know of is to make a perspective that groups by due date and use the “no due date” group.

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Things (by Cultured Code) features a default “Someday” perspective since 2008. OF still doesn’t. I’ve sent requests for that feature periodically - without any success. I give it up now.

That forced me to re-think my use of contexts in OF 2. I don’t use them for places, people or tools. I misuse them to set priorities instead (what OF still lacks).

I just created a Someday context and made a perspective out of it. That’s not what I wanted, but it works.

Yet another great use for tags / multiple contexts. I do the same thing with the use of someday maybe context so that I can pull them up if I wanted to.

I created Project called “Someday” and placed it “On Hold” – It worked


I think Things and OmniFocus uses Someday/Maybe in different ways.

@lucasburke has the solution that comes closest to what you want.

I use what @garyturner suggested.

I just found this thread on another forum:,61840,page=2

and I honestly don’t understand why this feature isn’t a thing already. Other products had this for years.

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