How to create daily agenda for teaching 4 classes?

I have placed the syllabi of the four classes I teach into one OO document. Each class has its own column. The first column is the date, and so horizontally I can check for each day what I am doing in each class. This is helpful when I am at home planning my lessons for the next week.

However, I will find it more helpful if I could print out a vertical (rather than horizontal) outline of all my classes for a given day or even better for a whole week. If I could convert the horizontal table into vertical, that probably will solve the problem. Since some classes are partially online, they do not always start at the same time, which is why the horizontal version may only work to some extent.

If anyone has figured how to accomplish this in OO, I would be very grateful if you let me know.

FWIW, I use a different app to manage my class schedules for the week with a Kanban-like layout. See this example …

I can understand a strong desire to stay in OO. It may however not accomplish what you want. In case you really need an option, Curio does this kind of stuff very nicely for me.


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Thank you for this information! I will definitely check out your post.