How to Deal with Repeating Actions Properly

I have a few repeating actions such as Pay Rent and Check Electricity Metre which fall under my Projects of Household Chores and Finances, etc. All is well. However, whenever I am reviewing my projects which have mostly one-off actions, such repeating actions appear as clusters if not eyesores for me.

What can I do?

I have thought of creating a new Project and dump all such repeating actions there. I would then set the Review duration for this Project to be as long as possible.

Am I missing any better approach? Alternatively, is No-Review a taboo within the GTD principles (which I now fully embrace)?

I would encourage you to keep reviewing.

If having these (what I presume are monthly) repeating actions is truly upsetting for you, by all means create a project just for monthly stuff and review it monthly. But part of the point of review is to know what’s coming up, so that may end up being counter-productive, especially if any of these actions are more than 5-minute chores with no availability constraints.