How to delete exclamation marks from the string

I use exclamation marks as important flag, however, when I finished with the task, I want to clear out the exclamation marks, I’m wondering if there’s a way like applescript to clear that? Thank you!

Is there a reason you’re not using the Flag that’s built into OmniFocus?

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You can go under Edit>Find and search for ! replace with (literally nothing, leave it empty), then click “Replace All”. That should do the trick. Good luck!

I recommend using a more unique flag string to avoid processing errors. Using “!!-!!” is unique enough that you’re unlikely to find it in another situation.

Good point! You may also want to just step through each replace so you can be sure you like the result by using Next/Previous instead of replace all.

Find/Replace works well for me when I have nothing selected in the sidebar, and select the top of the outline view (the center panel) before bringing up the find/replace window. Hope this helps.