How to Display Long Tasks in Full Length over Multiple Lines?

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I am using Omni Focus v3.2 on the Mac. Previously, long tasks were displayed over multiple lines even when they were unmarked. Now, they are cut off at the end of the line with “…”. Like this:

I understand that this gives most people a better, more condensed overview of their tasks. But I would like to change the viewing preference back to how it was before. Is there a setting for this somewhere in the preferences that I overlooked?

Thank you for the help

Yep, go to View > Show Full Item Title > Always

Hope that helps!



Thank you so much Josh for the quick reply! It works and I feel a bit stupid for not finding it earlier but now I know better :-) You made my day :D

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But the question itself raises an interesting one:

Should tasks have long titles? Or should much of that be in a note?

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Well, the beauty of Omnifocus is that you don’t have to choose. For a better overview I prefer to keep the titles short and most of the information hidden in the notes, which often become extremely long. But when I occasionally like to be more informative in the titles, I could. On the Mac version of Omnifocus, I could even keep the notes constantly shown for tasks I often need to edit.


The specific use case was to process the inbox quickly because it is my catch-all for notes and research during the day. It is easier for me if I can see whole sentences - especially in split view - to then sort it into a dedicated notes app. I very much appreciate Omnifocus’ flexibility and all the options to customize your working environment :-)

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