How to distinguish between active and on hold project?

I’m going through my folders of projects to review and clean out as much as I can. One thing I’m noticing is there’s no visual distinction for a project that is on hold vs active. In my folder with 2 projects, I don’t see a way to tell active from inactive without having the inspector panel open.

Some kind of icon, differential in font, etc, would be nice to help tell one from the other.


It is in the sidebar. The on-hold project should appear as a “pause” control. Are you not seeing that?

I suppose I do if I

a) have my sidebar on display, and
b) have my folders opened to list the projects there

Seems like the state is an attribute of the project and ought to be available in the main list area. I shouldn’t have to open the side bar and then the folder.

There’s a similar problem with getting that status via the inspector. I have to

a) have the inspector open, and
b) select the project in the main list area.

In the inspector case, I have to put the bounce bar on the project to see the status.

Gotcha! In the case where the sidebar is hidden, the state does not show in standard outline view. I pretty much leave the sidebar open, so I didn’t see that at first glance.

State should be shown regardless of view. Now that I get your meaning, I agree - it almost seems like a bug. Have you filed it as one?

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