How to download new update?

Ugh, a tad embarrassed by asking this… but what name and pass do i enter to get the new update. I’ve tried the username and password that was sent with the original: “Hello Tester” email. But it’s not working. Odd, because I used that user/pass to get the re-released 2.0 last week. Any help would be appreciated.

Odd. Instead of copying/pasting the pass, I typed it in, and it now works.

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We have identified one case where it looks like we sent an invite email with the email address portion of the login capitalized differently than the server expected it to be.

Specifically, the first letter of the email address was capitalized in the email, while the server was expecting it to be lowercase.

So, if anyone else is having similar trouble, that would be one thing to try. We’re really not sure how that could have happened, and we’re really sorry if it turns out that happened in more than one email. Feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help straighten things out.

Lovely, thanks! I had the same problem and indeed, typing the password instead of pasting it from the e-mail worked.