How to edit tab format in OO4?

Unfortunately I can’t still find how to edit tab format(*) which was enabled by using ‘show ruler’ in OO3.

My roundabout method is below:

  1. copy a note in OO4.
  2. pate it onto TextEdit.
  3. edit tab format in TextEdit.
  4. copy a whole text in TextEdit.
  5. pate it onto OO4.

Is anybody knows more smart way?

(*) means the hard tab indent by the tab key.

Unfortunately, there’s not currently a way to do that inside of OmniOutliner 4; my apologies for slowing down your workflow. We do have an open request to bring tab stops to OmniOutliner 4, and if you email, we’d be delighted to add you to that request!

Thank you for using OmniOutliner, and for helping us make it better!

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Thank you for the reply, orion. I will email the support.

my typo:

2/5. pate it …
2/5. paste it …

One more workaround here, if you have OO3.

  1. Open a file with OO3, edit tab stops in the text ruler bar.
  2. Apply that style of tab stops to whole document.
  3. Save it, and quit OO3.
  4. Open it with OO4.

You can get new tab stops, not default.