How to export an OO iOS doc as text, word, or even OO


Yesterday I wanted to export the text from an OO doc on my iPad. I thought OO would have an export function but can’t seem to find it. Help documents haven’t answered my question.

Ideally, would love to be able to export an outline in Word or text so that someone who doesn’t have OO could read it.

I can highlight all text, copy and paste into an email. But that isn’t ideal.

Any ideas?


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Hello Brian and others

If you have any suggestion regarding exporting OO from iOS, I’d appreciate it. If I need to call support, just let me know.



The route I described, reporting my own exasperation with its poor design, was:

(Starting from the document you are editing)

  • Tap Documents at top left.
  • No sign of the export icon, but don’t now tap the icon of the document you want to export. You will just end end up back in the editing view.
  • Tap Select. Still no sign of the export icon, and no hints at all as to where to go next …
  • Well, once bitten twice shy, but now do tap the icon of the document you were editing. Perhaps things will work out better this time ?
  • At last, an export icon appears at top left.

All companies’ products vary in quality. OO iOS happens to have disappointed and frustrated me, and I ended up deleting it, as my partner has done more recently – it seems to me one of those products in whose conception the tasks of decoration somehow proved more absorbing than those of ergonomic analysis.

(Most iOS products have the export icon either continually visible, or just one click away. (For good reasons). I personally found that the protracted search and lack of sign-posting produced an unpleasant experience.

(Forgot to say that I also found that the iOS OO text copy format pasted poorly into existing outlines in the (excellent) OS X OmniOutliner. Each line has a hard-wired leading dash and space, which has to be deleted from each node of the OS X outline into which it is pasted. A pity, as products like Command-C, which share the clipboard between iOS and OS X, make the copy-paste process very quick and useful)

Hi Draft8

Just tried your instructions. Worked as described. Thanks for your help.

It sure would be good to make this easier or at least have clear documentation on how to do this. Or maybe I just missed it.


Sorry this wasn’t easier to find! This is documented in the manual under Sharing Files, but we certainly agree that it could be made more convenient.

For our next round of iOS updates, we’ve added the sharing button to the toolbar while a document is being edited so those options are easier to find and more convenient to use.

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That’s certainly inconvenient! We recently updated the plain text copy/paste behavior on OS X so that it round trips from OmniOutliner to plain text and back in a reasonable way, and this new behavior is coming soon to iOS as well.

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Thanks Ken. Appreciate that.