How to export entire database?

Hi folks,

After a brief flirtation with another system, I just purchased OF 3. My database has a lot of cruft in it, and I think it’s time to do a nuke and pave.

so: how can I back up the database in case I panic? I’ve tried exporting to csv, but that seems to only grab projects, or only grab the inbox … is there a way to grab everything at once?

thanks so much,

Exports grab everything in the current view.

So just go to the Projects view, ensure nothing is selected in the sidebar, click “show” to show everything (or remaining, or whatever you want). Then do a “select all” and export.

Note you can check OmniFocus format if you want. Or just do a backup… that’ll back up everything and you can always restore from it if you want to go back in time.

Though I still think a “nuke and pave” is unnecessary.