How to find items with no due dates? [A: custom perspective]

Is there a way to view items which have no due date set - out of the box feature available?

A custom perspective (which requires Pro) with the settings in the attached screenshot will sort all of your actions from all of your projects into different buckets that correspond to the due dates set for them. Items due sooner are at the top, but if you scroll down, you’ll find a “No Due Date” that contains the kind of actions you’re looking for. Hope that helps!

Is there a reverse of this where I can only see items that have a due date but re not necessarily due soon? The Forecast shows one day at a time, can it show all in one list?


It can. Click on the oldest date you would like to include in the list, then shift-click on the day farthest into the future you would like to include.

Oh dear, basic Mac stuff I forgot about, many thanks!