How to get rid of dot?

I have not used Omnifocus in a while but after loading it up today I noticed there is a dot under each item/entry. When you mouse over it the context and other items appear.

Is there a way to get rid of this? Or toggle off? I like looking at my lists on my Mac and the lines provided a nice clean look, but the dot looks awkward and puts less items in the window.

Any ideas?



It’s a bug that has been introduced with El Capitan.
They’re fixing it for the update to OF coming out soon.
Until then, I think it’s a feature we just have to live with :)

Awesome, thanks for the update. It did seem a little odd design-wise. Hope they can fix it soon. Thanks!

The new update must be about a week away. I believe Ken Case promised the update a couple of weeks ago on Twitter. And back then he mentioned a time frame of 2 to 3 weeks. So, it should be here in the next week or so :)

If it absolutely annoys you consider using the prerelease version. You find them here and opt out after the final release of 2.3.

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