How to Guide - Create your own custom [unsupported] Themes for OmniFocus 2 [no longer needed in v2.5]


Does ‘tracking’ mean ‘doing something about it’ any time in the near future?


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Now that v2.0.2 is shipping, here is a sample OFIAppearance.plist file which makes overdue tasks red and “due soon” tasks orange in OmniFocus 2 Pro:

To use this, download the file (in zip format if you prefer) and place it in your OmniFocus folder right next to your OmniFocus database and Backups folder.

You can get to that folder by choosing Show Backups… from the File menu, then command-clicking on the titlebar of that Finder window to access its parent folder as in this screenshot:

Once you’ve placed the plist inside that folder, restart OmniFocus and you should start seeing tasks colored by how soon they’re due:

To revert to the original factory settings, delete that file. To pick your own colors or tweak other customizable colors you can edit that file with a text editor. All of the settings in this sample file should be safe to tweak, though none of this is officially supported so there aren’t any guarantees as to the results you might get from doing so.

The settings included here are:

  • OFIContentAvailableTaskTitleColor (title color for available tasks)
  • OFIContentBlockedTaskTitleColor (title color for blocked tasks)
  • OFIContentCompletedTaskTitleColor (title color for completed tasks)
  • OFIContentDefaultTaskTitleColor (title color for default tasks)
  • OFIContentDueSoonTaskTitleColor (title color for due soon tasks)
  • OFIContentOverdueTaskTitleColor (title color for overdue tasks)
  • OFIContentTableGridColor (grid color for the table)
  • OFIForecastSubsectionHeaderTextColor (text color of “Due” and “Deferred” subsection headers in Forecast)
  • OFIGroupHeaderBackgroundColor (background color of group headers)

Note that none of those settings will tweak the background color of the outline as a whole: we have more work to do before the app can be used with a different background color. We’re looking forward to doing that work (so we could support a Dark theme, for example), but right now our team is working hard to finish OmniFocus 2 for iPad before iOS 8 ships this fall.

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Now I wonder how far in the roadmap are:

  • any way to customize color for Notes font?
  • to change font size for notes, for project list sidebar?
  • to specify font size for tasks more precisely than the current Small > Medium > Large (where Large is still too small, in my experience)

Are custom fonts/colors/styling in the outline view supported? [Supported in v2.5]
For those still on OmniFocus 1, what's holding you back from upgrading to OmniFocus 2?

Any updates on this?


I’ve asked Omni to:

  1. Make a statement like ‘Hey, we know a lot of you don’t like the OF2 UI, and we plan to fix it, but can’t give you a date’.
  2. Do some basic testing that OF1 will work on iOS8 and 10.10 so they could add ‘OF 1 works, please stick with it until we can get OF2 fixed’ to the answer in #1, or
  3. If they’re not going to do anything, to just say so.

But no luck on any of those. #2 in particular makes no sense to me - why not at least remove the immediate urgency/threat to users to buy time to address the issues. The only thing that makes sense is that they either haven’t decided what to do, or have hopes that we’ll just give up and either use the new UI, or go away quietly.

The most I’ve gotten is essentially a brush off and some rather condescending comments: The implication being that since the reviews on the app store are highly positive, those of us who can’t use the new UI are in a tiny minority, so they don’t consider the issues to be high priority. If their position is right, and we’re in the vast minority, fine, I’d understand a business decision to not address the issues/concerns/regressions. After all, we don’t have a ‘right’ to any particular product feature. If we don’t like the product, well, then we can choose to not buy it (and I’m glad I didn’t - the trial period saved me).  But come on, at least have the guts to tell us that straight out - we’re not talking about solitaire, this is an application that many of us use to run our lives.

So the best we have is “We’re tracking it” But I think they’re tracking issues like I track my weight - sure, I watch the numbers on the scale, but if I still have a cheeseburger at lunch, tracking doesn’t do very much does it?


Really wish their was an update on being able to completely theme OF2. Just upgraded today and loving it but miss this feature.


Hi Ken,

What format are the color values referenced in your post? Not RGB, or HTML. Trying to determine a way to choose color. Thanks!


I just upgraded from OF1 to OF2. Due to very bad sight, I´m dependent on being able to change the font sizes on projects and actions. Due to the post above there in´t a way to do this? If this cant be offered I need to downgrade back to OF1.


Any updates on priority of these Notes-related styling features, now after iPad version has just officially released?


Any timeline for when we will get customization and columns back in OmniFocus? I bought OF2 Pro but spend all my time still in OF1. Now clip-o-tron no longer works in Yosemite with OF1, it is a bit more painful.


Is there any way to specify the system font in bold?




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Hi Ken,

I have copied this into the correct folder but after restarting OF, the changes aren’t appearing for dues and overdue tasks. Any idea what I may have done wrong?



I pasted the file in here:
Macintosh HD ▸ Users ▸ [username] ▸ Library ▸ Containers ▸ com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 ▸ Data ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ OmniFocus

And it works…


I had the same problem when I downloaded the file above. When I downloaded it was OFIApperance.plist.txt - Remove the .txt from the file name and all should be good


you can download it as zip file too:


Thank you, this did the trick! So obvious really, I could kick myself.