How to handle small similar projects in OmniFocus

I am new to Omnifocus and advance task management system.

As I am an accountant and 1 of the most important task for me is handling Payments. for Which i have to do same work for every single payment but with different amounts and dates. I want to handle single payment as single project. Any better way to handle these steps in omnifocus?

same for other tasks as well??

You should search this forum for “template.” There’s an Applescript that lets you set up project templates with variables so you can type in “Amazon $105.21 Nov 12” and it will create a project and propagate the information into every step.

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Will this work on iOS??
Apple script seems like mac thing?
Currently my primary device is iPhone.

In that case, you can look at this thread about the TaskPaper format, and store a template in Notes that you copy and paste to OmniFocus. You’d need to add project-specific data, of course, but the template would be a big help as a start.



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The nearest thing I have to that is preparing for business trips, which I used to have to do weekly. I made a project called Work Trip and marked it as On Hold. When a new trip would come along I would duplicate it, fill in the dates, and mark the copy as Active.

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Consider buying OmniFocus Pro for Mac. Everything is so much easier using a Mac as a home base. The iOS version has some serious limitations.

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