How to hide menial tasks


I’m trying to find a suitable solution to hide or manage those menial tasks that need to be done but aren’t the most important thing to be concentrating on right now.

An example: I have lots of projects which are jobs for clients. Once the job is completed, the last item is usually to ‘Archive Files’. This is something that i don’t need staring in my face every day, I know it needs to be done and i’ll get to it when i have some spare time, however with it being on view theres a risk of not seeing those Actions that are more important now.

I use contexts as specific locations so ‘Archive Files’ needs to be done in the Office context along with a million other things that are more important. I have considered deferring the item by a week and using the view ‘Remaining’ to see those deferred items, however that view also shows up the remaining Actions of all the other projects and so makes the view even more confusing.

So just wondering if anybody might have a simple and elegant solution to suggest.

Many thanks, Kiran

I’ve got lots of tasks (800+) and my way to do this is to not use 1 context ‘Office’ which basically applies to most things, but to subdivide that into multiple ‘Energy level’ tasks (I called it Modus in Dutch).


  • Planning
  • Full focus
  • Low energy / Quick wins / Doodling

etc. Office would be all three of them in one perspective.

For ‘Location’ it’s yet different: City (for generic errants), Groceries (for more specific stuff), Hardware store (for DIY stuff). DIY stuff could be found in the city as well, but I don’t want to be reminded about nails when I am in the clothes store.

Thats a great idea!

I thought to use context ‘Office1’ ‘Office2’ would act as a sort of priority method but I think your method of sub contexts is much better, allowing to use real contexts and then sub dividing priorities within each heading.

Also it has much more flexibility for definitions as you stated for your Location(errands) context.

Thanks, Kiran


Just make sure you review your contexts on a regular basis, because it takes a while to get it [drawl]jes’ raaight[/drawl]. I used this blog as a basis: