How to hide recurring tasks


I’ve got a couple of recurring tasks that doesn’t have a hard deadline. When done, I want them hidden for a couple of weeks and then have them listed as available again after X weeks. It doesn’t matter when I do it, but when done I don’t have to do them again for at least X weeks.

Can this be done? Is it “defer another” I should try?


You’ve got it! That’s exactly what the “Defer Another” setting is for.

From the built-in Help for Dates & Times:

Depending on the task, you may find the need to configure action items that recur at regular intervals. Choose Defer Another to create a repeating action whose defer date is dependent upon the completion date of the action. This is best used when you don’t want the action to be available again until the selected interval has passed. For example, if you get your hair cut every three weeks, you could set the action to repeat every three weeks. Even if you’re a little late for your next trimming, the next time you need to go is still three weeks after your last visit. The action is given a defer date in the future and is considered unavailable until that time.

Hope this helps!

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Has this setting been changed? I would like to hide a recurring task, but the only option that is now available is “defer until”.

@Omniuser1 Could you clarify why setting a defer date and “repeat every” or “due again” doesn’t meet your need? Perhaps you could provide a specific example that the current settings don’t seem to support.

“Repeat every” does not work because the task is still active even if I don’t want to work on it today. What I’m trying to do is schedule a recurring task to appear every Thursday. I don’t want it to appear on Wednesday or any other day - only on Thursday. I’ve set up a task to “repeat every” Thursday, but then it was showing up today, which is not what I want. What’s the best way to do this? I thought that the suggestion earlier in this thread would work, but it looks like OF removed that setting.

We have not changed these options.
The “repeat every” is correct, you just need to add a defer date of Thursday to the action, and when it gets completed, future iterations of the action will also get a defer date that is the same as their due date.
If you set it up like this: (I’m using today, Wednesday, in my example just so it looks less weird.)

Then when you complete the action, both the defer date and the due date will move forward on the next iteration of the action: