How to keep Style formatting in a new Line?

Hello how do I keep the previous formatting styles, when creating a news line?

Eg. in every line I automaitcally want to write in bold rather then to Hit “Command + B” always when I create a new line, to write in bold.

Thank you!

In general, you would set the style for the row level to include bold. I’m not sure if you only want this for a particular row level, or only for a single document. Not sure what version of OO you’re using either.

Open the ‘Styles’ sidebar and select the level of rows you want to change the behaviour for (e.g. ‘Level 2 Rows’ or ‘Whole Document’ if you want everything bolded).

Then type Command-B. You should see every selected row become bold and the sidebar style should get the checkerboard icon on it. Thereafter, anything you create at that level should have bold text.

If you want this to be the case for multiple documents, then you could save it as a template.

Thank you for your answer. I will try out in the future

My pleasure. Let me know if anything I mentioned is unclear.

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