How to keep track of delayed tasks


I’ve trying OmniPlan this week and I’d want to know if there is a way to keep track of delays in tasks. I’m planning a project where we want to keep track of how much time we expected it’d take to complete a task and how much time we actually took to finish it. I’d like to see later which task took more time than expected.

Is there a way to keep track of this with OmniPlan?

@piptin There are a c couple of ways to do this in OmniPlan! The simplest way to visualize delayed tasks is by setting a baseline, and comparing it to your actual schedule in your project’s Gantt chart:

Alternatively, if you’re using the Pro edition of OmniPlan, you can use the Earned Value analysis feature to analyze the variation between your original planned schedule and the project’s actual schedule. Information about using this feature is included in the “Earned Value Analysis” section at the end of this chapter in OmniPlan’s manual:

Hope this helps!