How to lock an OO3/iOS document?

I’d like to render an OO document un-editable, mostly because I’m afraid of accidentally moving rows around when I browse it on my iPad.

I tried locking the file on the Mac side, but it seems that OO3 doesn’t respect that setting. I was able to edit it on my iPad, which then unlocked the file on the Mac. In case this is relevant, I’m syncing via iCloud rather than OmniPresence, and reading the file via the Files app on iOS.

Any help appreciated! OO3.0.1 on iOS, OO5.2 on Mac, High Sierra 10.13.3


Same here - I like to use OO3 for talk outlines, but the last thing you can tolerate in the middle of a presentation is an unwanted edit…

Same problem here. Is this on some wish list somewhere?