How to make a line extend inside a rectangle?

I’ve been using OmniGraffle for many years. I have never understood how to disable the “connecting lines” feature of lines. Here’s an example of the problem:
I want to draw a line into a rectangle, so that the line terminates at a point inside the rectangle other than the center of the rectangle. When I attempt to do so, the line is attracted to the center of the rectangle (that’s the connection feature at work), but the portion of the line inside the rectangle is not visible. The line appears to stop at the border of the rectangle.
I don’t want this. I want the line to go into the rectangle. There is nothing in the user interface to suggest how I can alter it. I know that it’s not a magnet, but I delete every magnet I can think of. I examined each of the 102 working icons on the screen – none seem to affect this behavior. I also examined each of the 159 menu items in the program – none of which appear to affect this behavior. The manual discusses connecting lines, but does not explain how to have non connecting lines. I suspect that this is one of those things that you just have to ask about here in the forums.

Any suggestions?

Well, it has been a week since I asked this question, and apparently the OmniGraffle folks are not interested in answering it. That’s a shame, because the problem is a serious one for me. I don’t have any good workarounds for it.

I think you have a good question, and I’d like to know the answer also. But … it seems you are assuming the OmniGroup folks all look at this forum. They don’t. Or they don’t do so regularly. I thought some other expert OG user might be able to answer, but apparently not. In this case it makes sense to email OG support directly. I’ve found they always get back to me fairly quickly: 3 days at the most (and that’s including weekend days). I’d love to hear what they tell you. But you’ll need to go to them directly to get an official response.

Oops, I didn’t realize that. Thanks so much! I’ll send them a direct email. And I’ll report back on the answers I get.

I sent an email to OmniGraffle support and they responded quickly, just as you said they would. The solution, it turns out, is to hold down the Option key while drawing the line into the rectangle.

While I am greatly relieved to have an answer to this question, I think that the designers of OmniGraffle have much to answer for. I was unable to find any reference to this in the user manual. The reliance on an invisible key is a UI mistake; not documenting it is a sin!

Chris: Thanks for letting me know. I guess the option-key is a kind of secret weapon for some things. I don’t really care if the option key is used, but like you, I wish it were documented so I had a better idea of how to use the full range of Omnigraffle capabilities. Maybe there’s other OG secrets also to be discovered! Many thanks again.