How to make a project show up in Forecast view w/connected tasks?

If I have a project due tomorrow, and it has 2 tasks assigned to it. The tasks do not have due dates so they inherit the due date of the project. I’m fine with this. My problem has to do with how this is displayed in the Forecast view. As it stands, my project, and tasks, will all show up as separate entities in the forecast view. True, the project is in bold, but it looks like they are not related. Is there a way for the project to show up in Forecast view, with the tasks connected to it - either be being indented or some other visual cue.


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Another option would be to NOT show the tasks (w/o due dates) that are associated with the projects (with due dates).

According to my alerts, Brian (I think from Omni) replied to this thread. Yet I see no reply. Anyone?

That is super-puzzling. I checked my activity stream and I don’t see a reply or remember making any edits.

I believe that Forecast view is similar to Context view and thus uses a flat list, but there’s room for error there. (I manage support and have been playing traffic cop for tickets/invites/etc for the last while. Don’t take this as definitive, in other words.)

I would like to know how to make tasks under a project NOT inherit the date. I only want the project to show up in forecast.