How to make quick entry with tag+project+due/flag?

I often find myself making quick entries using the Inbox button, but dislike filling up the Inbox, as it means more work later to process it, and those tasks arent really on my radar until the Inbox processing takes place
So I take the time to set the Tag(s), Project, and Due/Flag. Each of these steps takes a few taps. Not a huge amount of time, but it adds up. Its a much quicker process on the desktop, but would like to figure out a solution for iOS

Is there a way (either withing OF for iOS, or a Workflow, or ??) to have a template that would put my task into a specified Project, with specified Tags and Due/Flagged?
Thank you…

You could for sure build a Shortcut for this.

  1. Use a Dictionary or List item in Shortcuts to select from a list of projects.
  2. Ask for a date time input.
  3. Format the date.
  4. Use another list or dictionary to select from tags.
  5. Choose from menu to ask for a flag or not.
  6. Use magic variables to insert into the OF task.

One of the downsides is it looks like OF doesn’t support tags in the add to OmniFocus shortcut action so you’ll likely need to build from their url scheme. 😕

Quick Example:

+1 for shortcuts
Works like a charm for this!!

This has been something I’ve wanted too so I updated my example:

  • it now prompts with text fields for task title, Defer, and Due. This is for quicker date entry (ie. next Friday 5p).
  • if you add ! to the title it will flag the task.
  • Now uses the URL scheme for multiple tag support
  • If used from the share sheet the shared content will go into the notes.

New shortcut:

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