How to Move Attached Photos Out of OmniFocus?

What is the simplest way to move a photo attached to a task’s notes (or any attachment) out of OmniFocus to another application (e.g. Finder)?

I know it’s possible to drag photos from Finder into OmniFocus, but it doesn’t appear to be possible to do the reverse.

Hi @nielkfj! There are a couple ways to get attached files out of OmniFocus.

If you’re already looking at the file in a task or project’s note, you can right-click on the file and select Reveal in Finder. This will show you OmniFocus’s copy of the file in a temporary directory; from there, you can copy the file to wherever you’d like on your system. If you want the file out of OmniFocus after that, simply delete it from the task’s note.

If you’re not sure where a file lives in your OmniFocus database, you can get a list of all the attachments to tasks by opening the Window menu, then choosing Attachment List. In that list, you can select one or more attached files, then hit Export to save them outside of OmniFocus.

Hope that helps!

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Ok. I was hoping there was a way to drag and drop straight from the task or project note. But this will work.

Hmm, on a second try, I’m actually able to drag an image out of a note and drop it on a Finder window. If that’s not working for you, would you mind emailing our Support team?

It’s not working for me.
When I try to drag an attached image from a task to a Finder window, what happens is a “Text Clipping” is placed in the Finder window, not the actual image.
I’ll make an action for myself to report this to OmniFocus support team (along with a few other anomalies I have noticed).