How To Move From One Task to Another Using Keyboard

In OmniFocus 1, you could easily move from one task to another using the keyboard (↑ and ↓ keys), rapidly weaving in and out of separate tasks.

I’m pleased to see that the tabbing function still works (from title → project → context → defer → due date) but in terms of efficiency, the ability to use the arrow to move up and down (while editing) is great.


I"d love when I’m having a field selected in a task (say due date for instance) and I press down or up on the keyboard that the same field gets selected on the task above or below so I can quickly reivew dates.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working to bring back support for switching between tasks with the arrow keys while you’re editing, just like you can do in v1 or in OmniOutliner.

But in the meantime…

If you stop editing the current task (by pressing Return in “modern” mode, Escape in “classic” mode, or Enter or Command-Return in either), then you can use the arrow keys to navigate between tasks.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Ken,
Great to see that the feature will be coming back.

I definitely understand that you can double tap ‘enter’ in order to remove the focus on the task at hand, but having the ability to quickly flick between multiple tasks using the arrow keys is just fantastic and makes the experience much more efficient.

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Here’s another demonstration of how having such a feature is very helpful in my workflow, similar to what jonolo6 said in regards to dates, or structured data.

For some example, I have a stock of 4 goods.

  • Stock Item A – 1/4

I can just copy and paste the item (4 of ‘Stock Item A – 1/4’) and then go down with the down arrow and quickly change it.

I feel an animated image would help illustrate this point further (regarding the values of such a system).


@kcase please allow ctrl-n/ctrl-p to allow you to change the current active tasks as well. I don’t know if it’s falling out of vogue to not, but one of the reasons I get angry using Firefox is that it doesn’t allow you to navigate a list with the emacs-like keys I’ve come to expect, even though I know emacs is the inferior editor. ;)


Hopefully you’ve all seen this already (in the app’s daily release notes), but just in case any of you missed it:

Arrow key navigation while editing is back in the app now.

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YES I would love to either use J/K to move up and down or ctrl+n ctrl+p in normal mode. Also would be nice to be able to expand/move tasks without moving my hands to the arrows. I’d love that!

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Right and left arrow expand/collapse groups when not in edit mode.

A possible easy solution: Simply make a menu item that’s move down/up just like Terminal (similary Chrome and others) has Window>Show Next/Previous Tab, allowing me to assign shortcuts to it from OSX keyboard settings.

@brentw505 FYI I’ve figured out that you can setup mappings like this in Karabiner and similar and in the case of Karabiner at least you can even activate vim/emacs-like navigation by chording a hotkey or activating it another way.

e.g. while holding down control-command, my jkl; keys remap to arrow keys. My caps-lock is another control key so that’s easy for me to hit. (I also enabled a one-handed keyboard mode by holding down the space bar like on the Matias one-handed keyboard that costs $600 but can be implemented in 10 minutes with Karabiner.)