How to navigate many canvases within one document

I have a document containing roughly 200 icons, each with their own canvas. At present, if I want to select one to work on, it appears I have the choice of using the sidebar or [Display Canvas] item in the View menu. The search function doesn’t appear to cover this.

Since I’ve been working on this in an ad-hoc way over the last few months, everything’s out of order and I’m developing a bit of a headache trying to scroll through the list. Certainly not a mistake I’ll be making again!

Does anyone know of a way to search for an individual canvas by name, or perhaps arrange them in alphabetical order?

Wow! 200 different Canvases! I can see why you want some help finding things.

I didn’t see a way the search (below the sidebar) will work on a Canvas search. It you know the name of the item (and the layer is unlocked), the search will select all instances of the item but won’t automatically take you to it (zoom or pan).

As far as ordering the canvases, you should be able to drag and drop them. No automatic way to order; just manual.

Just because I am curious, could you group simiilar icons onto one canvas and use separate layers for each icon? Might help a bit but not sure it will work with your desired outcome.

Thanks for the suggestions, this will help me find a way to move forward.

Although my preference would be to run a text-based search (I’ll flag this up with support), you just inspired me to try fixing my page setup to a non-standard size so that I can experiment with grouping them together. This doesn’t help me work with shared layers or export by canvas, but as a side effect, now the sidebar shows an individual page number for each canvas, which I can write down and use as landmarks instead of scrolling through :) so, thanks!

In case you’re curious, this is the project: (I really had no idea I would end up making upward of 200 of these when I started)