How To NOT Have Completed Repeating Tasks Show In In Box Before Due Date

Hi There.

Mind giving me a bit support on this problem?

How do I set a task to repeat every day at 9am and after I check it off as completed not have it reappear in the inbox saying “due tomorrow at 9am”. I have many repeating task and it’s cluttering the in box. Thank you in advance.


The Inbox holds partly created items that have not been assigned to either a project or action. Add the task to either of these and it should disappear from the Inbox when it is next cleaned up.

Set a defer date in the future on the task and it will disappear from any views that are showing only active items. Then it will reappear as active at the date/time you specify.
But vjosullivan is correct. The inbox is not intended to hold tasks you’re currently working on.

You both fixed my problem. Thank YOU!!!