How to prevent a project from coming up for review? [A: Change its Next Review date]

how do i take a project off of review?
its my daily project and doesnt need a review because I view it everyday intensely.
it seems once a project is in review it cannot be removed…
i tried deleting it and discovered that this delets it forever from the project lists!?
i freaked out and shook my phone and it undid… whew!

Mark it as reviewed. Then change the review interval if you don’t want to review it as frequently.


From the Projects perspective, you can manually review a project at any time. Press and hold the project in your list to bring up the contextual menu, and select Review from that list.

If you don’t want to ever review that project, I’d recommend giving it a far-flung future “Next Review” date. From the Project Inspector, tap the Review row (after tapping Show More if this field is hidden), then tap the Next Review field. Spin the wheel in the date picker, and then once you mark it reviewed, it won’t up come up again for review for a long time. (Of course, if your needs change you can always manually review to get back to this screen and make it reviewable sooner!)

More information about changing the review interval can be found in the Review section of the OmniFocus for iOS user manual.

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seems like a good option!