How to recover accidental deletion of Folder containing multiple Projects

Hi Folks,
I am currently using Omnifocus 2.5 on an iPad Air 2. During a Review session, I appear to have deleted a Folder containing a significant number of Projects. I have checked the ‘Changed’ option to ‘undo’ the apparent deletion but I see no reference to any changes for Today. Any insight or guidance how to ‘step backwards’ to recovered this ‘deleted’ Folder would be greatly appreciated.

If you catch this quickly enough, you can use the Undo button in the iPad app’s toolbar to undo the delete. The toolbar is at the top of the screen, and the Undo icon is near the left and looks like an arrow which started pointing right but turns back around to point left.

If you didn’t catch this quickly enough… are you syncing with a Mac by any chance? The Mac makes regular backup copies of your database which you can access from File > Show Backups.

If you’re not syncing with a Mac, are you using our Omni Sync Server? If so, we might be able to retrieve your data from a backup: please contact and let us know your sync server account name and the approximate date/time at which you deleted the folder.

But again, ideally you would just press the Undo button. Hope this reaches you in time!

P.S. — If your iPad hasn’t compacted its database transactions yet, it might also be possible to recover your data from earlier transactions in the database. Try emailing your database to yourself to make a copy of whatever transactions are currently stored on your iPad:

Once you’ve secured a copy of your current database transactions, email us at and we can walk you through recovering whatever data might still be stored in them.

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O/F definitely needs a trashbin to recover deleted items. Undo doesn’t cover all situations. Advising people not to delete (and to use “check complete” to delete an item) is not helpful to people that accidentally delete items. Swiping left makes deleting entire projects too easy. If deleting entire tasks/projects/folders is going to be so easy, recovering them needs to be too.


I totally agree. Are there updates on this topic? Thank you!