How to recreate my flagged 'think about starting today' perspective

Hi all

Trying to recreate my beloved OF1 ‘Think about’ perspective; essentially it was a combo of due or flagged items. Typically I rarely set due dates, but would flag a topic I wanted to consider and then set a start - deferred - date for the future, usually a few days or weeks out. When the start date rolled around, It would pop up in the think about perspective.

With OF2 I have to look at 2 perspectives to get the same info - Forecast and flagged, as non-due items are appearing in the think about perspective. I suspect it’s the availability filter in the Eye of Sauron, or am I being dense?

Any help greatly appreciated as essentially this forces me into using due dates ( which I won’t do ) and limits OF2 as a useful tool for me.

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Have you tried setting the top radio button to “actions independently,” and then group by project?

I think you want what we used to call a context perspective, which that top radio button seems to control.

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Awesome - many thanks that sorted it! – was beginning to break into a cold sweat that I’d have to go back to Things! ;-)


I do miss the option to have perspectives remember the expanded or collapsed state of the contexts or projects. I would prefer to start with always collapsed for everything.

^⌘0 for me until then.

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