How to reliably create pairs of path (incoming and outgoing) connecting two or more circular shapes

Hello folks, I often need to create state graphs like this one:

but I find it complicated to do in Omnigraffle because the default connectors tend to collapse into one, and the curve always looks weird without manual tweaking, which I’m not looking forward to do.

Anyone knows a trick to make this process faster?

An extra word about “collapsing” paths. I can set up two magnets per segment and that works all right, but as soon as I move the shapes around this happens:

Is there any settings to stop it?

I don’t know whether using or adapting these groups would be helpful:

Markov.graffle (111.9 KB)

  1. That is the first problem. It is not a standard format, it is a non-standard or sub-standard chart or picture. If you use a standard State Transition Diagram and symbols, you will not have any curves.

Here is an example State Transition Diagram . It has an additional symbol (meaning, beyond the standard, but not below the standard) for Events (which would otherwise be the usual Conditions).

  1. Technically, it is not possible to turn something that is in a state OFF, to a [new] state OFF. You can remove the superfluous Conditions with no loss to meaning.

  2. Yes, the newer versions of OG do horrible things, automatically.


I thought OmniGraffle supported Dia format. Or am I misremembering?