How to remember "meaningless" actions?

Sometimes I am having trouble to place actions in the correct project and tag groups. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I’d like to ask the community about this:
I was tipped about a game to play on my Apple TV. I always never play games except board games, but I still want to check this game out.
I have written the title down in OF, but I don’t know what project or tag I should assign to it, making me remember it the next time I have time to take a look at this.

So maybe this is not a big problem and I should just forget about it, but i am still interested how other people solve this?

“Don’t forget about this” project? 🤔


If it was something as simple as that (Apple TV game) I’d either leave it in the Inbox, or move it to my “Home: General” context

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I’d put it in the inbox without any tags until I’m ready to process it usually during my review.
Once in there it’s captured, and I have time enough to think about what to do with it.

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I have a “Wishlist” project, tag and perspective, where the tag is on hold. I add such things there and they won’t trouble me until I want to go and look.

An added benefit is that it’s a great place to let purchasing ideas go cold. 90% of the time I go there and have a “what was I thinking” moment and delete it :-)

I wish I’d kept an account of all the money I haven’t spent by doing this!

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I have a Someday project as per David Allen GTD. I stick these in there and eventually do or delete off.

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I do this in a couple of ways.

In OmniFocus, I have a “Someday/maybe” single action list. If I enter something in the Inbox that doesn’t represent a concrete commitment to actually do it, I put it in that with a “Reminder” tag on it.

Once every week or two, I review the Someday/maybe list in OmniFocus, and decide whether to commit to something (which might mean do it now if it’s a couple minutes, or create a new project), leave it where it is, or move it to a separate document (in OmniOutliner right now) that represents a longer-term Someday/maybe list that I review every few months (I have a recurring task to review that document, with a link to the document in the task notes).

Concrete example: I read an article on bicycle touring in Croatia, and put a note in my Inbox to think about whether it’s a serious possibility. In my next Inbox review, I tag it “Reminder” and put it in my Someday/maybe single item list. Two weeks later I do a review of that list, and realize that there’s no way I can do such a tour until 2022 at the earliest. So it goes into the OmniOutliner list. It’s out of my mind but I know I’ll review it soon. When I do review the OO document, I can delete things that are no longer possibilities, and I can move things back into OF if I want to commit to them or even just review them somewhat more often.

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Håll den borta från inboxen, Andreas! Or in English: I would definitely place the task elsewhere than in the inbox, to keep the inbox working just like an inbox and preserve my intention to keep it clean. The Review feature is a good help for not forgetting things you don’t know where to place. If you have projects set for review with reasonable intervals, you will get reminded even of such tasks you have problems categorizing in the first place.

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