How to rename a group in OmniGraffle?

Hi out there :-)

I’m new at OmniGraffle and are trying to work it out. I don’t hope this question have been up before, but how do I rename a group in OmniGraffle? Just like you can rename Canvas and Layers


Select the group and switch to the Note inspector. You can then type a name for the group:

Hi KyleS

Thank you for your answer. What am I gonna do if I don’t got the “Properties Inspectors”? I really can’t find it. Only got 5 options.


I think it’s because I don’t got the Pro version, but only the normal. Can it be right?

I’m reviving this topic because apparently no one answered this basic question.
Is renaming a group a Pro version’s privilege?

It appears so.

As a recent OmniGraffle convert, while I absolutely LOVE the software and know I’ll use it heavily, it’s quite frustrating that some really basic functionality is left to a pro version that costs twice as much. Renaming an object, sharing a layer, and tables should in no way be considered advanced functionality. I think there are better ways of making an enterprise version of something, but that’s just me!

Unfunfionn: I do share your frustration.

My apologies for the lack of response earlier; while Omni staff visits Discourse as time allows, our official support is via email.

As you’ve found, the current implementation does require the Pro feature set, and accessing the Name via the Properties inspector; I can certainly understand why that’s frustrating! We have an open request to make it easier to (re)name objects, by double-clicking in the sidebar (as you can with Layer and Canvas names), and any change of that nature would certainly include groups, as well.

If this is a change that you’d like to see, please email; we’ll be happy to add you to the request! Any time you encounter issues in OmniGraffle that are frustrating, email is always helpful… sometimes it’s something we can help with right away, and sometimes it’s a bug or feature request, but if we don’t get an email, we can’t help.

Thank you for using OmniGraffle, and apologies again for the frustration!