How to reorder numbers of items in a list

Ok, this is really frustrating. Probably because I just don’t know how to do it.

When I reorder items in a list with a priority column the items are reordered base on the value in the the column (01, 02, 03 etc.)

What doesn’t change however is the number assigned to the items. Instead of seeing a logical 1 - 10 item list, as originally appeared, the reordered list retains the original number assignment when the items were created.

The result is a list showing numbers out of sequence, which makes it difficult to count.

I hope there is a work around to this defaut setting.

This is because the document retains an unsorted order allowing you to do temporary sorting. To set the unsorted order, you’ll need to clear the Keep Sorted option and then use the Sort Once function with the sort order you want. We have a bug filed on allowing you to use the Sort Once function on the same criteria Keep Sorted is set to so you can do just what you’re trying to.

Thanks for the info Derek. It’s irritating that you can’t have sorting and and reordering of the list numbers together. That’s definitely on my wish list of improvements needed.

I use Ecco as a project management tool and I use this function all day long with the reordering of the list numbers working with the sort order. This seems to be to be preferable, giving you the list count at a glance.