How to repeat a task on next day of week after completion

I have a number of tasks that I want to do on certain days of the week, but sometimes I complete the task late. What I’d like to do is have the task be due on the next occurrence of the desired day of the week.

Task: Do laundry
Due: Sunday at 12pm.
Repeat: Next Sunday after completion.

So if I’m a day late and mark the take complete on Monday, I’d like the next due date to be the next occurrence of Sunday.

Now lets say I’m 2 weeks late( perish the thought!). There will only be one late “do laundry” because I haven’t done it yet. I want to be sure not to have a new task created every Sunday, it should only be created after I complete the currently due task.

Then after I complete the 2-week late task, OmniFocus creates a new task due the next occurrence of Sunday.

I cannot wrap my head around how to do this. Ideas? or perhaps it cannot be done yet.

I’m using OmniFocus 2 on Mac OS X Sierra. Thanks!

@ikomradif you use ‘repeat every’ 1 week and highlight Sunday on the day of the week picker, this will set your task to repeat properly every Sunday. If you fall behind the task will remain in the past until you complete it. The next instance of your repeat will then be created for the next available Sunday.