How to reproduce iPhone's perspectives using OF desktop version?


I really love the way you can have a quick overview of the tasks which need completion on a specific day on the iphone version.

So far I haven’t been able to find a way to create a perspective including available tasks for the day, as well as the todos which have a deadline today.

Synchronizing OF with my gmail calendar helps as I have a quick way to reach for a summary of my day but I feel it isn’t the best way to do it as I’d rather have this type of view directly within OF.

I’d love to read your thoughts on how to create a perspective which could display all tasks due today as well as the ones which are available.


I’m not really sure which iPhone view you’re referring to – if it’s the “Forecast” view, then OmniFocus 2.x has that in place already, and it should more or less work the same way.

However, what you seem to be asking for goes beyond that. Assuming that by “available tasks for the day” you mean any task that isn’t blocked or deferred, then you should be able to setup a Perspective like the following:

This inherently includes “Due” tasks, as those are obviously "available’ but with the “Sort” option, they’ll be filtered to the top of the list.

If you’re looking to do this for days other than today, then that’s considerably more complicated. Perspectives aren’t based on a user-specified date – they always reflect what’s available in the here and now. The Forecast view offers the ability to see what’s due on a certain day, as well as what’s starting on that day (if you’ve set it to do so), but that still won’t include tasks that just happen to be “available” because the defer date has already passed or they didn’t have one to begin with.

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