How to Review in Omni 2.0

I’ve been looking forward to this functionality for a long time. Alas, I’m not sure how Review works. As it stands, all of my synced projects are due to be Reviewed on April 1. Two questions:

  1. What if I want to do a Review today, how do I go about that?
  2. What if I want to do a Review, not on April 1, but starting this Friday, and every week after that?

Thanks so much.

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You can set a project’s review date in the Inspector when it’s selected, or option click a project to Mark Reviewed now.

Same! Check it out in the Inspector:


Hm, I think there’s something fishy here… upon dl’ing Omni 2.0, I synced w/ Omni Sync, and all of my old projects synced nicely. However none of them are currently displayed when I enter Review mode. The ONLY project that’s there is the project that came with Omni 2.0: “Getting Started With Omnifocus 2.0”.

I created a new project to see if that would display in the Review section, but it did not.

Thanks, and help?

Ah… I see. Project only appear in the “Review” section on the day they are supposed to be reviewed. Is there a way to “select all” the projects, and choose to review “today”. Instead of going into the inspector window for each project and switching to “today”.


Yup! Just multi-select in either the sidebar or main outline, and then change Next Review to today


No more coffee stain then?

Nope — review away!

Continuing the discussion from How to Review in Omni 2.0:

Haha it was quite a meta post.

As I mark items Reviewed there is no visible change to the items collected in the left sidebar for review to show they they were done. Clicking out and back into the review mode confirms the items have been cleared by their absence. I’d like to see some visible indication that an item has been reviewed but not necessarily have it just disappear from the list upon review.

In the sidebar, the dot disappears. Is that adequate? Works for me! :smile:

EDIT: Are you marking the projects as reviewed? Right-click, mark as reviewed

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Now that I know to look for dots I see there are grey dots (Graphite) to the right of the item in the sidebar and they disappear when the item is reviewed. Too subtle! When I looked at the completed list there was no indication that all had been reviewed, and I had not noticed the disappearing dots as I worked the list, and that’s when I wondered how we’re supposed to know. It’s easy enough to learn that a missing dot means reviewed but it obviously requires a bit more attention than I have to offer. A dot changing to a check mark might be more obvious.


Going to the projects perspective, selecting the projects to change the review date to today and moving back to the review perspective seems a bit clumsy. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to set the “due for review” date in the review perspective? That is, I go to the review perspective and I see there are no project due for review. Than I may want to say “let me review all projects due for review tomorrow”. Thanks!

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I try to do my weekly review on Friday & Saturday…

In OF1, you could be in the review perspective and see the grouping of “to be reviewed next week”, “…Next Month”, “…next year”. You could then review them as well in the same perspective. It would be nice to see that in OF2.

On the iPad, you can click and hold on the project and select review (not in the inspector; it would be equivalent to alt click on a project), this would then put the project into review mode and place you in the review perspective to see anything up for review. AMAZING.

I found myself using OF on the iPad for reviewing constantly, vs a review on my Mac. Three or four of my regular reads on productivity and OF often mention that beauty of reviewing on an iPad. The positive comments are less about the iPad and more about how OF functions when it comes to reviewing.

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