how to Script to change OO document style

The use case is that I work in dark mode with small text, but I walk into the classroom and need it to be bigger and in light mode for the sake of presenting to my class. Once I work out the script I would plan to automate it in Shortcuts according to my weekly schedule.

Any ideas out there how this could be done?

Might be able to get an answer faster in the Automation section of this forum…or maybe find some scripts you could alter to work in your situation.

Try using themes. I’m not sure that this is really a scripting scenario.

Format > Apply Template Theme…

Pick a dark theme (e.g. Solarized Dark Theme) for your solo work, and something brighter for presentations (e.g. Modern Theme). Once you settle on a pair of themes, create templates off of them and edit/format them as needed and save them. Then apply those as your situation changes.