How to search archived content?

I often need to search old tasks, so I am reluctant to archive them. But my database is now so big, it takes a long time to search it. Is there an easy way to search archived content without having to add it back to the file?

Sure! In the File menu, you’ll notice an item labeled “Open Archive.” If you select this item, it’ll open up your archive as a separate OmniFocus document in its own window. You can then search inside your archive just like you would in your regular database. Does that meet your needs?

That’s still a pain. So there is no way to search directly in the file without opening it every time I want to search something? Also, it’s not a comprehensive search. I’d have to search the current file and then the archived file.

I’m sorry, but at the moment there’s no combined search between the two files (in part for the reason you originally mentioned: searching thousands of tasks can take a little while!).

If this is something that’s hindering your workflow, or you’d like to see added to OmniFocus, our support team would love to hear more details about why – you can reach them at

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